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OTECH Corp Production Operator in Rolling Prairie, Indiana

**THESE POSITIONS ARE FOR TWO SHIFTS - 1ST SHIFT (6AM-6PM / M-F, OCCASIONAL MANDATORY SATURDAYS) AND 2ND SHIFT (6PM-6AM / M-F, OCCASIONAL MANDATORY SATURDAYS)**iJOB SUMMARYWork as a team member to operate line per requirements to ensure product is to the customers specifications.iESSENTIAL FUNCTIONSUnderstanding of computer software applicationsBasic knowledge of computersMust be able to function as a member of a team and be able to work under general supervision.Must be able to maintain expected quality levels.Comply with all site required policies and proceduresJOB RESPONSIBILITIESJob responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:Operator:This position is responsible for working as a machine operator and team member with an emphasis on safety, quality and productivity daily. Operate line per requirements to ensure product is to the customers specifications.Cleans all production equipment as per order specifications.Sets up line according to the WIP process sheets for the order.Works with the Blender to set optimal line speeds.Ensures that all finished product is in accordance to customer specifications.Monitors and documents all process on the appropriate paperwork.Notifies maintenance of any problems with the line.Monitors quality, temperature and color of finished product.Conducts pellet count sampling as per the process sheets.Prepares samples for the lab using the Box Thief.Completes the load list and delivers the finished boxed product to shipping.Communicates with Supervisors at end and start of orders.Keeps area around machines clean as necessary.Works with teammates to schedule out breaks and lunches.Trains new hires as necessary.Reduce or eliminate NCMR's with a goal of 0 per month.Ensure that a safe environment is always maintained.Ensure that product specifications and process instructions are strictly adhered to. Submit reports on performance and progress.Identify issues in efficiency and suggest improvements.Must have the necessary mechanical skills to set-up and operate machinery.Must be able to function as a team and be able to work under general supervision.Experience with FCMis, Extruders or Bandburys preferred but not required.i Work overtime as needed.Blender:Operate the blend station as per order to ensure efficient running of the line.Cleans all blending equipment and station to ensure quality product as per process sheet.Gathers and sets up all raw materials as per process sheet.Works with Supervisor to ensure cleans and lot checks are up to standards.Gathers first blend (first article) for the lab prior to production run.Works with Supervisor on first three blends to assist in setting up timing of runs.Works with Operator to set up and ensure optimal speed of line is coordinated.Notifies all that final blend is eminent.Works with Supervisor to begin end of order verification.Works with maintenance to ensure equipment is in optimal running order.Cleans area around blending/conveying equipment to avoid contamination.Trains new hires on duties of blending on line.Reduce or eliminate NCMR's with a goal of 0 per month.Work overtime as needed.Packer/Boxer:This position is responsible for working as a team player in work center by monitoring and packaging finished product with an emphasis on safety, quality and productivity on a daily basis.i iPackage finished product for shipping per customer requirements.Prepares all packaging materials for each order for the line.Monitors quality during the production run per customer requirements.Prepares samples for testing using the Box Thief.Uses color tube and jars to monitor in process color requirements.Uses thermometers to ensure product is packaged at the right temperature.Monitors finished product for impurities such as dust, fines or other items.Completes load lists and places finished product containers to shipping.Completes all labeling requirements for all containers.Tallies and monitors weights of all packaged products.Compl