Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. Sr Electrical Control System Technician - Training Device Technician in Jeddah, Indiana

Job Descriptions:

Responsible for the Fire Fighting Trainer (FTU) optimum safety, performance and system availability. System maintenance and troubleshooting includes the Safety Systems, Protective Device, Ventilation, Remote Controls, Values Status, Alarms, System Diagnostics, CCTV, Sound system, User Management, System Operations, Monthly reports and Annual CLS Inspection. Perform preventive and corrective maintenance in accordance with manufactures standards. Reports to a Project Manager and Site Supervisor. Perform preventive and corrective maintenance in accordance with manufactures standards. Monthly Reports and Annual CLS Inspection. Reports to the Project Manager and Site Supervisor

Primary Job Functions:

  • Safety Precautions including proper use of Personal Protective Equipment and Tools.

  • Liaise between Kratos and the Customer in all technical issues.

  • Visual Inspection of all pipes for visible damage, rust and leaks.

  • Calibrate the gas sensors and visible damage.

  • Check that the lighting, loudspeakers, cameras, hatches, doors and emergency stop switches are functioning correctly.

  • Visual inspection for damage and change the elbow pipes at the end of the igniters if necessary.

  • Inspection of Gas and Water values and lines for leaks and/or blockage, Internal and External.

  • Perform Preventive and Corrective Maintenance as per manufactures documentation.

  • Solve technical problems, evaluating alternative courses of action and innovating where necessary.

  • Develop simulator technical support skills by applying technical knowledge to perform advance or routine tasks with best commercial practice and guidelines.

  • Take ownership of tasks/projects and see them through to completion.

  • Hands-on provisioning of services to ensure high availability of the Training Device.

  • Provide expertise in the repair of major assembly to the component level, if required, adjustments and alignments as per manufacture guidelines. Conducts quality control inspections and inspect maintenance work performed.

  • Maintain required documentation of maintenance activities. Monitor and track the repair status of inoperative equipment and document maintenance activities utilizing the logistics management data base system.

  • Provide technical solutions to wide range of problems and user request through the established system.

    Secondary Job Functions:

  • Assist in providing On-the–Job-Training (OJT) and/or theoretical training on various tasks to customer as required.

  • Communicate effectively, both orally and written.

  • Self-motivation and a willingness to take responsibility.

  • Work effectively as part of a team.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Physical Demands

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

  • Must be able to lift at least 40 pounds over head.

  • Must be able to walk and/or climb stairs and ladder into the simulator.

  • Must be able to stoop, bend, and crawl on top or under the device.

Required Experience:

Experience with Fire Fighting Trainers and/or Simulators. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Fault Analysis and Troubleshoots, Remove and Replacement of values and Piping. Corrosion Prevention and Repair, Remote Control Panels Computer Control Units, and Safety Systems.

Education: BS Engineering or related field or at least seven (7) years’ experience with Fire Fighting Trainers.

Keyword: Electrical Control System, Gas Sensors, Smoke Systems, Safety and Monitoring Devices, Ventilation Systems. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Fire Fighting Trainer, Corrosion Control

From: Kratos Defense