Allegiant Air, Inc. Flight Attendant Multiple Bases in Indianapolis, Indiana

What does a Flight Attendant do for Allegiant? Allegiant Air Flight Attendants provide extraordinary service to our Customers and Fellow teammates. Flight Attendants are responsible for the security, safety and comfort of passengers, from pre-boarding the aircraft until they arrive at their final destination. Flight Attendants are the front lines in providing quality service to our customers and representing Allegiant to the public. Just as important, Flight Attendants contribute to the smooth functioning of the business by accurately accounting for passengers and the goods they are required to serve them. Flight Attendants promote the sale and usage of products and services offered by Allegiant and specified industry partners. The position responsibilities are performed in accordance with the dictates of the FAA. In addition, certain duties are assigned to satisfy mandates of the TSA. These standards are clearly articulated during training, as well as, in the ongoing performance of the job. What are some of the daily duties of a Flight Attendant? SECURITY: * Perform pre-boarding security checks of aircraft, passengers and carry-on baggage * Provide support to other crewmembers and leadership, direction, and assistance to Passengers in accordance with government regulations SAFETY: * Conduct pre-flight safety checks of cabin area * In routine situations, ensure that passengers are seated and carry-on baggage is stored properly; advise passengers and confirm compliance with safety regulations and procedures * During unusual conditions (such as decompression, turbulence, mechanical malfunction, medical emergencies, or unlawful acts by passengers) take action to maximize the safety of passengers and crew * Assess and evaluate customers for appearance of intoxication or possible threat COMFORT: * Serve and sell food, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and goods to all customers * Attend to special needs of any passengers * Communicate with passengers, individually and via intercom, on information related to their travel ADMINISTRATIVE: * Ensure that galleys are stocked with food and serving items for trip * Document and file all reports, such as inventory and trip reports, as required * Complete international paperwork, as required * Other duties as assigned REQUIRED TRAINING: (PROVIDED BY ALLEGIANT) INITIAL/PRE-EMPLOYMENT * Successful completion of four and one-half (4 1/2) weeks minimum new hire training program with a minimum of five (5) hours of Initial Operating Experience * Trainee must maintain a ninety (90) percent or above average on all written and oral exams, and successfully perform the physical requirements of the job, including emergency/evacuation drills * Class hours may include nights and weekends NOTE: Trainees will be offered employment and put on payroll upon successful completion of the entire training program. No Salary will be paid during training, although trainees are paid a per diem to cover miscellaneous expenses during that time. RECURRENT/ONGOING: * During Recurrent Emergency Training and all Requalification Training, the Employee is required to actively participate in simulated emergency situations and physically operate aircraft emergency equipment * Any additional requalification, differences, and transition training will be provided as necessary PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Able to deal with people from all walks of life, using diplomacy and tact; good communication skills; able to relate to other cultures with respect and concern; able to work as part of a team; able to work under pressure; able to assess situations in a timely manner; exercise good judgment, flexibility; ability to respond calmly and effectively in an emergency. What are the minimum requirements to be a Flight Attendant? * High School diploma or equivalent; college course work or degree an asset. * Minimum one (1) year direct customer service preferred. * Must be a minimum of 21 years of age * No Visa Sponsorship availab