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Goddard School Infant Assistant Teacher in Fishers, Indiana

An assistant teacher at The Goddard School is responsible for helping to establish and maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing learning environment. Additionally, an assistant teacher is responsible for working with a lead teacher and in conjunction with the entire faculty.Qualifications An assistant teacher must meet the qualifications of his or her state and the following qualifications:* the ability to understand and support the education program using “learning through play” philosophy; * the ability to interact closely with children at their level; * the ability to keep children within sight and sound supervision at all times; * the ability to change children’s diapers and/or assist in toileting (where necessary); * the ability to understand and comply with the franchisee’s employment policies; * the ability to communicate effectively and professionally with school personnel, children and parents; * the ability to handle crisis situations, including assisting in evacuating the building during emergencies; and * the ability to comply in all respects with all applicable laws and regulations relating to childcare. An offer of employment may be made contingent on the following:

  • [A current physical examination by a physician, including a current tuberculin test or chest x-ray;] [may or may not be required by state regulations and/or by franchisee]
  • An approved criminal record check as required by state regulations. An assistant teacher must meet one of the following educational requirements: 

  • a private academic teaching certificate for nursery school through kindergarten or early childhood education;

  • proof of the teacher's current enrollment in a CDA credentialing program;
  • proof of the teacher's current enrollment in an accredited associate’s or bachelor’s degree program in early childhood education or a related field. Responsibilities The assistant teacher’s responsibilities include assisting the lead teacher in implementing the lead teacher’s responsibilities.  The lead teacher’s responsibilities include the following:Establish and maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing learning environment·         Design an appropriate room arrangement to support the goals and developmental level of the children in the classroom·         Develop an appropriate classroom management system to support the goals and developmental level of the children in the classroom·         Ensure that classroom equipment is in good repair·         Understand and implement The Goddard School® emergency procedures·         Promote healthy eating practices at lunch and snack times·         Ensure that children are always within state ratio requirements·         Perform minor cleaning responsibilities (e.g., spills) immediately·         Perform major cleaning during times when children are not present·         Post a classroom schedule that meets the needs of the children and includes a routine and learning opportunities·         Post and adhere to all GSI Health and Safety policies and proceduresAdvance children’s physical and intellectual competence·         Adapt program to meet the individual needs of each child·         Create a multi-cultural learning environment·         Provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to engage children in learning·         Interact with the children to support play, exploration and learning·         Encourage children to talk with each other and with the faculty·         Present age- and developmentally-appropriate expectations for all children·         Create a print-rich environment in order for children to learn about books, literature and writing·         Encourage creativity through art, music, dramatic play and blocks·         Provide a reasonable balance between teacher-directed and child-directed activities·         Provide opportunities for both active and quiet play·         Integrate GSI-approved resources (including Enrichment Programs) into lesson plansSupport each child’s social and emotional development and provide positive guidance·         Understand and adhere to the GSI Behavior Policy·         Plan and implement activities to develop children’s self-esteem and social skills·         Plan and implement activities to enable children’s feeling of security·         Encourage empathetic and respectful feelings for others, as well as the environment, through positive modeling·         Respect cultural and ethnic diversityEstablish positive and effective family relations·         Communicate, in a professional manner, with families and faculty·         Encourage families to become an integral part of their children’s learning experiences·         Provide opportunities (e.g., conferences) in which families are made to feel a part of their children’s learning experiences·         Prepare a Daily Activity Report for each child·         Maintain a portfolio for each child·         Maintain the classroom Parent BoardEnsure an effective program, responsive to children’s needs·         Assess supplies and materials needed to implement activities·         Build teamwork·         Develop lesson plans·         Manage classrooms according to GSI QA Standards·         Perform child observations and document in their portfolios·         Use assessment tools (e.g., Progress Reports, Children’s Progress)Maintain professional commitment·         Promote “learning through play” philosophy and educational objectives·         Support a code of ethical conduct·         Pursue professional development/continuing education·         Attend faculty meetings, in-service days, conferences and professional growth opportunities