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Indiana University Health Hospital Switchboard Operator in Bloomington, Indiana


This position exists to analyze and process all incoming/outgoing telephone calls including: main number, toll free lines, patient information, paging, answering service, physician referral service, health promotions consumer service, physician to physician consult service, and related services as they may develop. The incumbent analyzes both routine and emergency calls (e.g. codes, traumas, medical emergencies, external/internal disasters, fire alarms, etc.) to determine the need and works in a high volume, fast paced environment. The analysis and decision made with each call can directly affect the wellbeing or life of a patient or caller. The incumbent must make decisions regarding the calls and is held responsible for patients and visitors well-being. The incumbent also assists to maintain the database of the organization knowledge (physician's pager numbers, physicians schedules, units, departments, etc.) Incumbents must also possess enough knowledge to fix the computers when problems occur and to diagnose problems with telephones in patient's rooms.

•Ability to effectively operate various telecommunication systems.

• Skill in handling all customer service situations.

• Ability to move quickly, decisively, and accurately while in a stressful situation.

• Ability to be friendly, upbeat, and polite at all times under stress.

• Ability to defuse tense situations.

• Ability to multi-task: caller on one line and interpreter on another.

• Excellent attendance and punctuality as phone cannot be shut off or have recordings.

• Ability to deal with diverse clients.

• Ability to communicate on a professional level with physicians.

• Ability to type and PC experience.

• Knowledge of medical terminology.

• Ability to perform/overlap multiple functions or tasks.

• Ability to grasp operational concepts/objectives and follow procedures using appropriate judgment.

• Strong reading and comprehension skills in processing information. REQNUMBER: 309418